The Annual Koth-Biro football tournament was first held in 1978 to nurture new footballing talent and pool them against established footballers and as an advocacy tool to bring the youths together to address social and economic issues.

Throughout the years the tournament has metamorphosed to be the bedrock of Kenyan football as it brought together hundreds of teams, thousands of footballers and tens of thousands of fans from different corners of Nairobi and its environs together.

The tournament since inception has been played at the football historic Ziwani Sports grounds in Ziwani. The tournament is usually played in November-January when all leagues in the country are on off-season thus enables the Country’s top stars including International’s to participate in the football fete.

This has given the tournament its major profile as young upcoming footballers relish the opportunity to play with or against the crème de la crème of Kenyan football. Koth Biro is thus also used extensively by football coaches and scouts to identify new talent.

This holiday period when Schools are out is a crucial time when many young people become vulnerable to various social ills including crime, drugs and substance abuse, illicit alcohol consumption, irresponsible sex and many others. Thus, the tournament plays an important role in keeping them positively engaged.

It is the number one choice and a must play off-season tournament for all footballers. The number of teams involved from different neighborhoods around Nairobi County gives everyone a chance to participate either as players or fans.

Main Goal

To Nurture and develop football talents: Promote sports among the youth to nurture creativity and skills to develop careers and to enhance themselves socially and economically.

The overall Koth-Biro football tournament objectives are:

  • To credibly organize and manage one of the best and historic off-season football tournament in the County and Country in general.
  • To give the youth a sporting chance and increase their opportunities for both team and self-development in their football careers.
  • To integrate youth from different neighborhoods and use the annual tournament to foster unity and mutual understanding between neighborhoods and communities.
  • To promote awareness of various Corporate opportunities, Economic, social, societal issues in a youthful and interactive manner devoid of many formalities thus giving the target persons a feeling of ownership

2016 Annual Kothbiro Football Tournament

32 team tournament. Eight groups with four teams each. Teams drawn from around Nairobi and adjoining Counties. The tournament is to run from November 2016 to January 2017